When All is Said

  • 19 de Junho, 2022 15:52
  • Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto
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  • Categoria : Livros em Inglês
  • Autor : Anne Griffin
  • Editora : Sceptre
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  • Métodos de Pagamento : Numerário, MB Way
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A tale of a single night. The story of a lifetime.
If you had to pick five people to sum up your life, who would they be? If you were to raise a glass to each of them, what would you say? And what would you learn about yourself, when all is said and done?
This is the story of Maurice Hannigan, who, over the course of a Saturday night in June, orders five different drinks at the Rainford House Hotel. With each he toasts a person vital to him: his doomed older brother, his troubled sister-in-law